Farm Tour Date August 14. We will meet at the Chevron on Wagon Trail Road at the 138 and the 15 at 12:00

 Farm Tour
Drop:Mission Valley Pick-up location

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Plan on 2 to 3 hours of fun and talking to Earl and Kristi about True Pasture Beef. Earl will drive you around the ranch and you will get an up close look at how our cattle are raised. $20 holds your spot. If you attend the tour $25 will be credited towards the True Pasture Beef products of your choice. If you no-show you forfeit your $20. Space is limited and we have to charge because when we don't, people don't show up and others who want to go don't get to.

All the beef you buy from True Pasture Beef was born on our family's ranch. Raising an animal from birth is the only way to truly know they have never been given hormones or antibiotics. This is the truest pastured beef available.

Grass Fed and Grass Finished Free Range California Beef. Yum!

Our Homestead

Our two ranchs are located in beautiful, sunny Southern & Central California. We keep true to the roots of the land, NEVER using herbicides or fertilizers, or machinery. Everything is done with horses or on foot. We have a lot to brag about! Learn More. ♥ ♥ ♥

Our Mission

Our family's mission is to provide individuals with the power to promote positive social change in the way beef is raised.: giving them the opportunity to buy environmentally sustainable & locally raised beef.

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